Lesley's Buttress Jeans

Lesley's Buttress Jeans

Allow me to introduce you to my dear friend, Lesley Patterson-Marx. We met at Shakerag a few years ago, a creative retreat in a beautiful setting that I feel lucky to have stumbled upon.

Lesley is a Nashville-based artist and educator, who works in several mediums. She's an avid sewist, having taught many sewing workshops. She's a book maker, fabric marbler, and collage artist (and so much more). Most recently she's been working on a new project called the Ephemeral Tarot, which following has delighted me to no end.

When she signed up for my Buttress Jeans Workshop, needless to say I was flattered. And I'm so grateful we've had the last few months to connect in a new way as she sewed my newest design, the Buttress Jeans.

Lesley Patterson-Marx Buttress Jeans
Lesley sewed the size 00 and took 3.5" total out of the hips. This is a good example of how easy it is to change the leg shape of of the pants. If you prefer a slimmer silhouette, just shave down those side seams like she did here.

Lesley's Buttress Jeans

This denim was a secondhand find from Smart Art & Craft Supplies in Nashville. It worked perfectly for this design.

Lesley's Buttress Jeans

Lesley's Buttress Jeans Back

Lesley Patterson's Buttress Jeans

Lesley Patterson-Mark Buttress Jeans

Lesley provided a testimonial from her time in the class. She said, "Allie is an excellent teacher! I had so much fun learning from her, and appreciate her generosity with sharing her tips and techniques. The demonstrations were well paced, clear, and engaging. My skills have improved, thanks to the Buttress Jeans workshop!"

Thank you Lesley! It was a joy making jeans with you!