Wholesale Policies

Store Approval

All stores must create an account when placing their first order and note their federally issued ID number. If a Federal Tax ID Number (or equivalent number for international stores) is not provided, the order will be canceled and refunded.


Order Minimums

All fabric stores must place a minimum order of 5 patterns on their first order. There is no order minimum on all subsequent orders.


Wholesale Price vs. Retail Price

The wholesale price for each pattern is stated on the product page. Suggested retail price is 2x the wholesale price. For example, a pattern that is sold for $9 wholesale should be sold for $18 retail or more in your stores. Stores that continually discount Allie Olson Sewing Patterns below the suggested retail price may be removed from our wholesale program.


Sales Channels

Approved fabric stores are authorized to sell Allie Olson Sewing Patterns in their brick and mortar stores and through their online stores, if desired. If you wish to sell Allie Olson Sewing Patterns through another sales channel (a trade show, for example), please contact Allie at hello@allieolson.com for approval.