Kaylee's Cropped Monarch Jacket

Kaylee's Cropped Monarch Jacket

This content was originally written for Indiesew by Kaylee and has been adapted for this blog. It was originally published on April 10, 2019 before the 12-30 (D-cup) size range was added to the pattern.

Cropped Monarch Jacket | Pattern by Allie Olson

I was beyond excited to test sew Allie Olson’s new Monarch Jacket pattern. I just knew that I would get a ton of wear from this structured, boxy, knit jacket and now that spring is here, I’m wearing almost everyday!

Monarch Jacket | Allie Olson Sewing Patterns

This cropped jacket is perfect for everyday wear. It feels comfy and casual like your favorite sweatshirt and elevates an everyday look. Most of my favorite garments feel like sweats, but look a bit more put together and the Monarch Jacket definitely fits that bill. I love pairing my Monarch with some high waisted jeans and a tucked in Kila Tank

Monarch Jacket back view

My ultra high-waisted jeans are a huge staple in my wardrobe and I loved the idea of wearing my Monarch with them. I decided that for the most flattering and comfortable look with my high waisted jeans I would crop the bottom of the jacket just a little bit so it sits right at the top of my jeans. I took off the waistband and removed 1” from the folded waistband (2” total) piece and 2” from the bottom of the assembled jacket. This new, extra cropped length ended up perfect for my spring wardrobe dreams, but if I were to do it again I would definitely just take 3” from the lengthen/shorten line of the pattern before cutting my fabric. Sometimes you just have to make do with what you already have though! 

Monarch Jacket styled outfit

Monarch Jacket Collar

The simple construction of the Monarch is quick and easy to assemble making it a great confidence booster if you are new to working with knits. The pattern doesn’t require any special equipment, just grab a ball point needle and your ready to sew! I loved using my serger for a more professional looking finish on the interior though. If you are working with serger, but are not confident working with multiple layers of bulky knits, be sure to check out Allie’s guide for Serging Bulky Knit Fabrics

Monarch Jacket Sewing Pattern by Allie Olson

The buttery soft Terra Cotta Rayon Ponte I used has the perfect combination of drape and structure for this cute knit jacket not to mention a beautiful and warm color. Handmade layering is made simple with this effortless and stylish jacket. 

Monarch Jacket back sleeve