How We Wear It: Monarch Jacket

How We Wear It: Monarch Jacket

This content was originally written for Indiesew and has been adapted for this blog. It was originally published on April 17, 2019.

When Indiesew had a fabric shop, we had a super luxurious fabric sitting on our shelves that didn't translate well in flat photos. In the office, we all brainstormed what to sew in this heather grey rib knit to give you all a better idea of how this fabric drapes and moves. 

Angie, our Marketing Director, mentioned that I should sew a Monarch Jacket in it, something I hadn’t considered. You see, this thick 1x1 rib knit fabric has 80% stretch and we had been sewing the pattern in ponte fabrics with roughly 40% stretch. I wasn’t entirely sure the end result would be something wearable.

But, oh it is. And it might be my favorite Monarch I’ve sewn yet. 

Monarch Jacket Sewing Pattern | Allie Olson

Here, I’m wearing it with my black Kila Tank and Persephone Pants. I love how the light grey fabric pops against the black. I might work this high-contrast, neutral color palette into my wardrobe more often.

I sewed my normal size in this pattern, but I honestly could have sized down one size because this fabric has so much stretch. But because Monarch is designed to be boxy, I still love the look of this one. It’s ultra cozy.

Grey Rib Knit Monarch Jacket

The cuffs are still nicely fitted, so I can wear it with the sleeves pushed up. And the collar lays beautifully around the neckline because it has so much stretch. I used the Monarch’s collar intended for 80 to 100% stretch fabrics (there are three offered, depending on the stretch of your fabric).  

Monarch Jacket Cuffs

Instead of snaps or buttons, I just topstitched the center front plackets down. I used a straight stitch as this seam doesn’t need to stretch.

Monarch Jacket Front and Back | Allie Olson

The rest of the jacket was sewn using my serger. You’ll definitely want to check out our Four Tips for Serging Bulky Knits if you plan to do the same with this fabric.

Monarch Jacket by Allie Olson | Waistband

Thanks for tuning in today. Happy sewing!