Allie's Striped Linen Coram Dress

Allie's Striped Linen Coram Dress

Hello, Allie here! I'm back with a recent make that I'm smitten with. A few months ago I sewed up a Coram Dress that I absolutely adore and I've been wearing it boxy (sans belt) which is a view we don't show often in our product listings!

But let me back up and tell you a bit about the Coram Top and Dress sewing pattern. This was my third pattern release back in 2017 and was the second pattern we ever printed! It was originally released in the 0-18 (B-cup) size range.

This week, we launched the new 12-30 (D-cup) size range for this design. (Side note: The pattern is 20% off until May 30 to celebrate the release!)

We sewed a ton of model samples of this dress to prepare for the rerelease, which set a strong hankering for one of my own in motion. Many months back when The Fabric Store was having their annual linen sale I picked up this fun striped linen fabric. In the middle of the sample sewing in the new size range, I decided to sew this version for myself. 

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This is the dress view of the Coram Dress straight from the envelope with no mods in my normal size. The Coram makes such a great boxy dress for wearing to the beach or on hot days. I love it paired with these bright yellow sandals for an even brighter pop of color. This outfit is helping me channel some fun summer energy that I feel building as summer approaches!

Don't forget to grab your own copy of the Coram Top and Dress sewing pattern before the sale ends. Happy sewing!