Weaver Skirt Supplies

Weaver Skirt Sewing Supplies

Did you see the two new patterns I launched this week? The Weaver Skirt and Hive Pullover are a cozy fall set that I'm over the moon about. And today the sewalong for both designs kicks off!

Today, I'm outlining all of the supplies you'll need to sew your own Weaver Skirt. This is a simple design and beginner friendly pattern, but the fabrics and elastic you use are important.

First choose, which version you want to sew.

Weaver Skirt Line Drawings

Note that View A includes the option for a full or partial lining.

Fabric Yardage Requirements

For the Weaver Skirt you will need the following yardage of fabric. Note that the fabric requirements are listed for just the self OR the lining. You will need fabric for both.

Weaver Skirt Yardage

Here are those tables in meters:

Weaver Skirt Fabric Requirements

Fabric Type Recommendations

The Weaver Skirt should be sewn using four-way stretch knit fabrics with at least 40% cross grain stretch.

View A should be sewn in fabrics with lots of drape. Bamboo, rayon, and modal blend knits are recommended for both the self fabric and the lining. Stretchy sweater knits can be used as the self fabric to create a cozy skirt. If sewing View A with a full lining, use a coordinating lining fabric, as it may peek out at the side slit and hem.

View B can be sewn in similar fabrics as View A, or more stable knit fabrics like ponte (you may want to size up one to two sizes), but again should be combined with a lightweight knit for the lining. Regardless of fabric selection, the self and lining fabric should have comparable stretch percentages in both directions.

We had two amazing indie fabric stores sponsor our photoshoot and both are offering you a discount on their knit fabrics. 

Get 15% off all knit fabrics at Stylemaker Fabrics through September 17. Use coupon code ALLIE23 at checkout.

Get 20% off all knit fabrics at Needle Sharp through September 19. Use coupon code ALLIE20 at checkout.

This grey Weaver Skirt I'm wearing below is sewn in this Light Gray Solveig Cable Sweater Knit from Needle Sharp (save almost $7/yd with the discount). It's 100% crossgrain stretch and liquid drape makes this fabric fall so elegantly over the hips. I also like how the cable knit design provides some visual interest for this simple silhouette.

Weaver Skirt in Grey Cable Knit Fabric

Grey Cable Knit Fabric for the Hive Pullover

The spice-colored Weaver Skirt that Ali is wearing below is sewn in Stylemaker's Luxury Plush Rib Sweater Knit in the color Spice (save over $3/yard with the discount). This rib knit fabric has a heavy drape and a really soft hand, making it perfect for View A of the Weaver Skirt. Again, the texture of this fabric breaks up the long lines of View A.

Weaver Skirt in Luxury Plush Rib Fabric from Stylemaker

Luxury Plush Rib Fabric Stylemaker

And Stylemaker's Luxury Plush Rib Fabric coordinates perfectly with their Luxury Soft Sweater Knit in Heather Spice, which you'll see me wearing below in View B of the Weaver Skirt.

View B Weaver Skirt in Soft Sweater Knit

Luxury Soft Sweater Knit from Stylemaker Fabrics

A Note on Lining Fabrics

For this design, it's important that you choose fabrics with similar hand and stretch for the self and lining. Consider the weight and bulk of your self fabric, and look for a lightweight fabric with a similar stretch percentage. Lining fabrics that have more lengthwise stretch than the self fabric may hang down below the skirt hem. This isn't a big deal, as you can trim your lining shorter, but is something to consider.

Again, if you're sewing View A with the full lining, make sure your lining is a coordinating color, as it will peek out at the side slit.

Notions and Other Supplies

You'll also need 1.5” (3.8 cm) of waistband elastic that is at least the length of your natural waist plus 2” (5 cm). I prefer to use this Soft Waistband Elastic from Wawak because it's soft and squishy.

You'll also need coordinating thread which will show on your hems, so be sure to use something that matches your fabric.

Next week we'll start sewing the Weaver Skirt!