Weaver Skirt Sewalong: Waistband and View B

Weaver Skirt Sewalong: Waistband and View B

Hello friends! Today I am back with the final post to the Weaver Skirt sewalong. If you missed it, last month I launched a fun little knit pattern set: the Hive + Weaver. Today wraps up sewalong posts for this launch. I'll be showing you how to sew the waistband of the Weaver Skirt (both views) and the View B (or partial lining) side seams and hem. Let's get right into it!

First, for View B (self and lining) or the partial lining, pin the front and back skirts right sides together.

Pin side seams view B Weaver Skirt

Sew the side seams with a 3/8” (1cm) seam allowance. I'm using a serger here, but you can also use a stretch stitch on your sewing machine. For the self skirt, press the side seams towards the back. For the lining, press the side seams towards the front.

Sew and press side seams Weaver Skirt

Cut a piece of elastic the length of your natural waist measurement plus 1.5” (3.8 cm). Overlap the ends of the elastic by 1” (2.5 cm) and pin.

Cut waistband elastic and pin

Sew a box with an X through the middle. This will be the center back of your waistband.

Sew waistband elastic into circle

Fold the elastic in half and mark the center front. Fold the elastic in half again to divide the waistband elastic into four equal sections. I use pins to mark these points, but you can also use tailor's chalk.

Mark waistband elastic into quarters

Place the skirt lining over the outer skirt with right sides together. The wrong side of the lining should be facing you. Match the center front and back notches and side seams at the waistline. Baste the two layers of the skirt together around the waist with a 1/4” (.6cm) seam allowance.

With the wrong side of the skirt lining still facing up, place the waistband elastic around the waist, matching the center back and center front markings. Stretch the waistband to fit around the waist and pin well.

Baste waistlines together Weaver Skirt

Sew the waistband to the two layers of skirt with a 3/8” (1 cm) seam allowance. You'll notice that my waistband elastic is scooted over about 1/8" from the edge of the fabric. This is so that the knife doesn't cut off any of the elastic as I serge the elastic to the waistline, but I can still maintain my 3/8” (1 cm) seam allowance.

Sew elastic into waistline. Weaver Skirt

Turn the skirt right side out, so that the lining tucks inside the outer skirt. Press the waistband well. 

Stitch in the ditch at the side seams to secure the waistband. You may also want to sew a tag into the back waistband of the skirt, to decipher front from back.

Finish waistband of Weaver Skirt

Press the hem of the skirt towards the wrong side by 1” (2.5 cm). I'm using Heat N Bond Soft Stretch here to stabilize my hem.

Sew with a 7/8” (2.2 cm) seam allowance. Repeat for the lining.

Sew Hem View B Weaver Skirt

Congratulations! You've just finished your Weaver Skirt!