Weaver Skirt Sewalong: View A Hem and Side Seams

Weaver Skirt Sewalong: View A Hem and Side Seams

The Weaver Skirt Sewalong continues today and we'll be sewing the hem and side seams of View A (midi length). While not particularly complicated, sewing knit hems can be tricky. This post will give you a few extra tips and tricks for getting a neat hem.

First, I recommend using some Heat N Bond Soft Stretch to stabilize your hem. This will keep it from stretching out as you sew. Since Soft Stretch measures 5/8" wide, and our hem is 3/8" wide, I cut the strip in half with my rotary blade.

Heat N Bond Soft Stretch for sewing knit hems

Now, at the notches on the side seams, snip into the fabric 3/8". With your iron, apply the soft stretch to the side seams from the notch down to the hem and across the bottom of the hem. Once cool, peel the backing off.

Snip notch on Weaver Skirt View A

Press side hem towards the wrong side by 3/8” and then press the bottom hem up by the same amount.

Press Weaver Skirt Hem View A

Starting at one notch, sew the hem with a 1/4” seam allowance, pivoting at the corners. I am using a small zig-zag stitch here. 

You'll see that I sew into the seam allowance near the notches. This is so that those stitches are secured when we go to sew the side seam.

Sew weaver skirt hem down View A

Repeat these steps to hem the remaining skirt piece and lining pieces if sewing full lining for View A.

Lay the self back and self front skirt right sides together. Sew the side seams down to the notches with a 3/8” (1cm) seam allowance and backstitch well. If you're using a serger like me, you can serge right off the fabric at the notch.

Pin Weaver Skirt Side Seams View A

Press the side seams towards the back (for the outer skirt) and towards the front for the lining (if sewing the full lining).

You may want to sew a bar tack at the top of the slit to reinforce that seam.

Press side seams and bar tack

Great work! Next up we'll be sewing View B (and the partial lining) side seams and putting in our elastic waistband.