Hive Pullover Sewalong: View B Collar

Hive Sewalong Part 3

Today we wrap up the Hive Pullover sewalong! This post will show you how to sew the View B collar.

In the steps below, the collar is shown sewn into the bodices before the sleeves and side seams, which differs from the instructions. Either order of operations will work.

Make sure all four collar pieces are interfaced and that the shoulder seams are sewn.

Match the short ends of the inner and outer collar and sew with 3/8" seam allowance. Press seams towards back collar. Repeat for the remaining collar pieces and press seams towards front collar.

Sew short ends of Hive Pullover collar

Slip one collar over the other with right sides together and seams matching. Pin well.

Pin collars together

The seams should nestle like this:

Nestled collar seams

Sew around the top of the collar with a 3/8” seam allowance.

Sew around the top of the collar

Turn the collar right side out and press the top seam well.

Turn collar and press well

Slip the inner and outer collar over the neckline with the outer collar facing the right side of the bodices. Match notches and seams and sew with a 3/8" seam allowance.

Pin and sew collar to bodices

Press the collar up and the seam allowances towards the bodices.

Hive Pullover View B Collar

Congratulations! Your View A Hive Pullover is now finished.