Hive Pullover in Yardblox Scuba

Hive Pullover in Yardblox Scuba

The fabric for this post was sponsored by Yardblox.

I released the Hive Pullover in September, and at the time I had stacks upon stacks of samples that I was wearing all the time. Most, if not all of them, were a little wonky, with wavy zippers (take it from me: don't use vintage metal zips) or an awkward fit. Nearly all of them are now covered in stains.

For months I've been wanting to sew myself a new Hive Pullover. One exactly how I want it: in fit, and color, and in really nice fabric. My "fancy" Hive, per se. Not the one I wear to bed on cold nights and spill things all over.

Yardblox reached out to me a few months ago, curious if I'd like to try some of their fabrics. I had heard about this Hong Kong based fabric store from my friend Kelli, when she sewed up her Hive Pullover in their sweatshirt knit and I liked their aesthetic.

I ordered several swatches and fell in love with their Cotton Recycled Polyester Blend Scuba in pastel green. They sent me a few yards and I got to work sewing up my new dream Hive Pullover.

Hive Pullover Sewing Pattern | Allie Olson

First, the fabric. This scuba fabric has such a nice hand and weight for this design. Two layers of knit cotton fabric surround the recycled polyester layer, making it a soft spongey dream. It has a natural feel against the skin and the perfect amount of structure to make this design feel a bit more "day vibe" and less "sweats around the house".

Yardblox Scuba Fabric | Hive Pullover

For this Hive Pullover, I decided to size up to an 8 (I'm typically a size 2), and add 1.5 inches to the overall length of the design. Because this fabric has great recovery, I decided to cinch in the waistband by 4", to really give it a vintage sweatshirt look. I love how the light blue/green color of the top pairs with jeans, and I adore the off-white nylon coil zipper. 

Hive Pullover Sewing Pattern in Yardblox Scuba

Hive Pullover side shot

The Hive has always been one of those designs that once it's on my body, it doesn't come off until bedtime. This is one that I'm determined to hang up in the closet every night and wear an apron over when I cook. The fabric gives it such a luxury feel and look, that I want to wear this for years to come.

Hive Pullover in Yardblox Scuba Fabric

\Hive Pullover Sewing Pattern