Fabric and Supplies for the Elio Top

Fabric and Supplies for the Elio Top

We launched the Elio Top sewing pattern on Monday and we are thrilled to have this design out into the world! I've been working on this top for over a year, prototyping and wearing it to make sure it was just right. I'm so proud of the end result. 

Elio is a quick sew, but it does require a few extra supplies that you might not expect, namely three different types of elastic. Below I'll outline the details of what you'll need to sew your own Elio Top and why we use each of the supplies listed. If you have any questions about supplies needed, feel free to send us an email at hello@allieolson.com and we'll help you out!


Fabric Yardage Recommendations

Be sure to check how much fabric you'll need for your Elio Top in the charts below. Be aware that cotton jersey knits tend to shrink considerably in the wash, so these requirements are on the generous side. Still, you may want to order a little bit of extra yardage just to be safe. Additional yardage may be required for directional prints or print matching.

Elio Top B-Cup Fabric Recommendations

Elio Top D-Cup Fabric Recommendations

Fabric Substrate Recommendations

The Elio Top should be sewn in a stable knit fabric with lots of stretch and recovery. We recommend a knit jersey fabric with at least 50% stretch that weighs 9-12 ounces per square yard (roughly 300 to 400 GSM). Cotton spandex and cotton lycra jersey fabrics are ideal for this design. 

Below are two Elio Tops sewn in cotton lycra jerseys. The first is sewn in Isee Fabric's Organic Cotton Lycra (sponsored), the second is sewn in Girl Charlee's Cotton Lycra in Dusty Marsala.

Two Elio Tops in Cotton Lycra Fabric

In my honest opinion, the Organic Cotton Lycra from Isee Fabric is the most suitable fabric I've found for this design. It's thick and buttery and sews beautifully; it's ideal for a beginner sewist. Right now, it's 15% off with coupon code ALLIEOLSON15.

In testing the top, we found that drapey knits like bamboo, rayon, and Tencel jerseys or double brushed poly don't work well. These fabrics create drag lines in the bodices and result in a less structured fit at the side seams. If you want to try your Elio in this type of fabric, you may want to size down to achieve the intended fit of this top.

2 Yards 3/8" Elastic

The neckline of the Elio Top has 3/8" elastic sewn into it to keep the bodices flush against the body. You won't want to skip this step, otherwise your top will gape open. You can get this type of elastic at most sewing retailers.

Elastic for the Elio Top Sewing Pattern

2 Yards 5/8" Fold Over Elastic

The hem of the Elio Top is finished with fold over elastic (FOE), which is optional. The hem is finished this way so that it hugs tight against your hips and keeps the top from riding up when worn. Additionally, fold over elastic (sewn flat, not folded) results in the least amount of bulk at the hem, so you can't see the hem of the top through fitted pants or skirts. My go-to source for this type of elastic is Etsy. If you have some FOE on hand that is a different width that will work too!

Foldover Elastic on the Elio Top

Of course, finishing the top this way assumes that it will be worn tucked in so that the FOE isn't visible. If you'd rather, you can simply hem the top with a 3/4" hem allowance.

1.5 Yards 3/8" Clear Elastic

Finally, we've found that sewing clear elastic into the side seams keeps the side seam from pulling forward where the wrap intersects it. This is also optional, but I do recommend it for anyone using a fabric that is less than 9 oz per square yard. You can get this at most sewing retailers as well.

That's everything you'll need to get started sewing the Elio Top! You can grab the Elio Top sewing pattern here and join us at World Frocktails for a live sewalong on February 10th.

Happy sewing!