Elio Ballet Top and Knit Skirt

Elio Ballet Top and Knit Skirt

This fabric for this post was sponsored by Isee FabricRead through to get a 15% off coupon code!

I've been deep in design mode for the last few weeks. True to my personal brand, I have a million projects in process at once and I am currently bouncing around between a few of them based on what I want to wear right now.

Currently? It's this dreamy cream colored knit set.

Elio Ballet Top Allie OlsonElio Ballet Top and Knit SkirtAllie Olson Knit Wrap Top and SkirtAllie Olson Sewing Patterns Elio Ballet Top

After I launched the Elio Ballet Top Expansion Pack, I wanted a simple and luxurious knit skirt to go with it. I was going for the look of a wrap dress with the ease of a two-piece set.

After several prototypes, I landed on a fully lined skirt, just short of maxi length, with an elegant side slit. My favorite feature that resulted from all that testing was the clean waistband finish. There's 1.25" elastic in there, but it's totally hidden between the two layers. I love that there's no topstitching, the skirt just falls from the top of the waistband to the hem, uninterrupted. Sigh. So good.

Knit Skirt Seamless WaistbandAllie Olson Skirt Sewing Pattern

I'm pretty excited how my mental vision was realized. It helps that the fabric I used for this project is perfect. This is the Luxe Bamboo Cotton Jersey from Isee Fabric in the Ice Cream colorway. And it's 15% off! Just use coupon code ALLIEOLSON at checkout. I've washed this Elio Ballet Top many times now and it's just as stunning as the day it arrived. I can't recommend this substrate enough!

A big thank you to Isee Fabric for sponsoring the fabric for this outfit. Happy sewing!